We're not the government but we can improve your application experience!

About Us

Immigration Visa & Travel (IVT) is a private company specializing in the provision of free information packs and paid for application form filing within the USA and Canada. We are not a government agency nor are we associated with any government agency.

Our skill is in interpreting government jargon associated with visa and passport application forms to create free guides designed to assists applicants in filing their visas or passports.

We charge a service fee to applicants who choose to use our form filing and appointment booking services. Our skill in this area lies in our ability to scrutinize documentation for its validity and relevance and to accurately enter information. IVT’s form filing services and appointment booking services are designed to save applicants to government programs time and the possibility of denial due to data inaccuracy.

Application Service

IVT provide the following services to ensure your Trusted Traveler experience is fast and hassle free:

  • 5 simple steps to secure your Trusted Traveler card;
  • Convenient – we deal with government fees and requirements on your behalf;
  • All questions answered within 24 hours;
  • Printable application form – avoid online crashes;
  • Time saving Family Application Form;
  • Automatic Renewal Notifications;
  • Straightforward application form with no government jargon;
  • Error checking service to avoid unnecessary delays;
  • Dedicated application support – missing documentation notifications;
  • Application status updates;
  • Assistance with your conditional approval letter;
  • Optional interview appointment scheduling;
  • Useful interview tips;
  • Your login details securely stored for future referrals;

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page and the Privacy Policy page.