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Canada Travel Programs

Travel programs like NEXUS and FAST cards make up the Canadian governments border protection and easy access travel programs. Canada travel programs allow low risk citizens to cross borders into neighboring countries without the need for long waits, passports and in depth inspections at customs and border patrols.

The NEXUS Pass allows Canadian and US citizens to cross the US Canada border swiftly by road, sea or at airports. NEXUS cards are issued to children as well as adults who meet the NEXUS program criteria.

Commercial truck drivers who cross  the US  Canadian border can apply for a FAST Pass as part of the Canadian governments Free And Secure Trade program to help business owners expedite commercial goods across the continent.  The FAST Card is a must for any trucker looking for employment in the haulage industry. Truckers must hold a commercial drivers license and have a clean criminal record in order to apply for a FAST Card.

IVT supply simplified downloadable application forms. We are a private agency responsible for checking and filing trusted traveler applications with the Canadian and US border services agencies. Our services take away the time, stress and hassle out of filling in government forms. We ensure that correct data and supporting documents are submitted according to government requirements to ensure our clients of the maximum success with their applications.  Failure to submit the correct information can result in delays to applications and in many cases denials.